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"You can't rely on always being there for those who depend on you."

Whether you're looking to provide a financial safety net for your loved ones, moving house or a first time buyer looking to arrange your mortgage life insurance - or simply wanting to add some cover to what you've already got - you'll want to make sure you choose the right type of cover. That's why obtaining the right advice and knowing which products to choose – including the most suitable sum assured, premium, terms and payment provisions – is essential.

Life assurance helps your dependants to cope financially in the event of your premature death. When you take out life assurance, you set the amount you want the policy to pay out should you die – this is called the 'sum assured'. Even if you consider that currently you have sufficient life assurance, you'll probably need more later on if your circumstances change. If you don't update your policy as key events happen throughout your life, you may risk being seriously under-insured.

As you reach different stages in your life, the need for protection will inevitably change. These are typical events when you should review your life assurance requirements:

Buying your first home with a partner. Having other debts and dependants. Getting married or entering into a civil partnership.

Starting a family
Becoming a stay-at-home parent
Having more children
Moving to a bigger property
Salary increases
Changing your job
Reaching retirement

Relying on someone else to support you Personal guarantee for business loans Your life assurance premiums will vary according to a number of different factors, including the sum assured and the length of your policy (its 'term'), plus individual lifestyle factors such as your age, occupation, gender, state of health and whether or not you smoke... Click Here to read further and to download 'A Guide to Protection Planning'.

Contact Us: As part of our service we also take the time to understand our client's unique needs and circumstances, so that we can provide them with the most suitable protection solutions in the most cost effective way. If you would like to discuss the range of protection services we offer, please contact us for further information.

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