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People retiring in 2012 expect to live on an average annual income of £15,500 – over £1,000 a year less (6 per cent) than those who retired in 2011. The figures come from Prudential's unique Class of 2012 research, which provides insights into the financial expectations of Britons planning to retire in the next 12 months

Expected annual retirement incomes

The results of Prudential's annual survey, first carried out in 2008, show that expected annual retirement incomes have dropped by more than 16 per cent in the last five years. The Class of 2008 retirees looked forward to a total annual income, including private, company and State pensions, of approximately £18,600 – £3,100 a year more than those
planning to retire this year.

As a sign of the ongoing financial challenges facing those due to retire in 2012, one in five will get by on an expected annual income of less than £10,000. Fewer than two in five (37 per cent) of the Class of 2012 say that they have saved enough to secure a comfortable retirement.

Gender difference

Men are more optimistic about their retirement than women, with 45 per cent of men confident they will be financially comfortable compared with 31 per cent of women. However, nearly one in five (18 per cent) of those planning to retire in 2012 have no idea of the level of income they will need in order to live comfortably... Click Here to read further and to download 'A Guide to Retirement Planning'.

Contact Us: If you are approaching retirement, it is essential that you receive the best possible advice. To get the most out of your pension savings fund you should be confident that you are making the right decision about your retirement income. To discuss how we could help you, please contact us for further information.

A pension is a long term investment; the fund value may fluctuate and can go down. Your eventual income may depend upon the size of the fund at retirement, future investment rates and tax legislation.


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