Income Protection

Income Protection

At Immediate Mortgage Solutions we advise against leaving anything to chance, especially your future financial security, we have witnessed the financial devastation caused to clients by loss of income due to an illness, accident or injury.

Protecting your income is an essential part of successfully planning for yours and you family's financial future.

How would you continue to repay your mortgage and bills if you were unable to work
for a long period of time?
What effect would this have your financial position?

These and many more are genuine questions you may be faced with if your income was no longer there, one of our advisers will be able to assist you in your options to protect against this financial problem we will guide you through and advise with the most suitable term for your policy, what level of benefit is required and the potential premiums, to ensure you have full peace of mind, for further help and advice, please feel free to contact one our advisers.

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Life & Critical illness

At Immediate Mortgage Solutions we are dedicated to advising you on the most suitable mortgage to enable you to buy your perfect first home.


Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Protection

If you were unable to work due to an accident or sickness, how would you pay your mortgage?


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